Hallux Valgus Correction

Hallux valgus correction is an operation to remove a lump (bunion) which appears at the base of the big toe.

Why Would It Be Performed?

Hallux valgus correction is performed to remove a bunion on the big toe causing pain due to pressure from shoes on that area of the foot.

Why Does It Involve?

An incision is made along the inside of the bunion, and the metatarsal bone is cut and moved to improve the alignment and restore the normal foot shape. The bone is held in position by two small screws which are buried into the bone so that they need not be removed. The soft tissues attaching to the outside of the big toe are often too tight to allow full correction of the joint, and a small second cut is made on top of the foot to release the tension. Next, an akin osteotomy may be performed on the big toe (phalanx) f where a small wedge of bone from the big toe is removed that the big toe can be realigned. The bone is fixed in position, and the cut is stitched closed.

For more information on what to expect after surgery, please click the link for a detailed patient guide on this surgery.

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