Dear Dr Marais.

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me as a result of my injury.

From the moment you took over my care to our last visit today, you have been amazing.

The care and professionalism you have shown toward me will never be forgotten. You are a fantastic surgeon and person.

To Dr A. Marais, I would also like to thank, for looking after me in theatre and the care and professionalism shown. Reassuring me and doing her utmost best to make me comfortable in theatre, I know drugs help, but still.

To Sharne, thank you for always helping me with getting benefits out of discovery, answering my emails in record time and for doing all the background tasks you do to make Dr’s practice a success.

To Miemsie for being patient and explaining all the billings to me, thank you.
You folks are a fantastic team and I wish you all the best and if anyone needs the services of a foot/ankle surgeon, my first words are “Dr. C Marais” and pass on your number.

Please stay safe and take care.


Dear Dr Christoff

It’s been two years since you operated on my foot. I just want to Thank You for giving me the gift of my independence back again.

I was convinced that I would never be able to walk without assistance or crutches, ever again. I remember suggesting to you that amputation with blade runner prosthetics, would be a welcome change. Graciously, you ignored my idea.

I was amazed at how much pain and depression I had endured in the years pre- operatively, despite strong analgesia, even to the point of developing bleeding gastric ulcers, in an attempt to escape the constant and worsening pain. This only became clear to me a year post operatively.

Thank you for your dedication, your skill and excellent post-operative follow up.

Gratefully yours,

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