Hallux Valgus (Bunions)

At A Glance:

A bunion, otherwise known as hallux valgus, is caused by a change of the angle of the big toe and the first bone in the foot. A bony lump that forms on the inside of the foot is most commonly notes. The deformity can be painful and make wearing closed shoes difficult. If you are not able to do your normal activities with the aid of shoe inserts or cushioning, then surgery may be an option.


  • A bony lump on the inside of the foot.
  • Pain when wearing narrow shoes or tight shoes.
  • Hard, painful, red or callused skin on the bony bump.
  • Changes in the angle of the big toe and crowding of the second toe.


Bunions are caused by a change in the angle of the first bone in the foot that leads to the normal muscle activity of the foot pulling the big toe towards the second toe. This can be due to hereditary factors like the joint angle or due to certain types of shoes.

Treatment Options

Nonsurgical methods to treat Bunions (hallux valgus) include:

  • 1Shoes with a wide toe box.
  • 2Painkillers.
  • 3Bunion Cushions.
  • 4Orthotics (insoles).

Speak to your orthpaedic surgeon about your case and what surgery option may be best suited for you.

Surgical methods of treating Bunions (Hallux Valgus) include:

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